Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Comparisons

Kami said something to me the other day about her boys looking similar/different than each other, and then she said I should do a comparison of my boys, and I said, "Dude!  I already have pictures selected and waiting for that!"  It was cool.

Anyway, here are all my boys in the Shirt of Magicalness.  I think of it that way because it is 90% white, yet it continues to come clean again and again.  I've never seen any shirt like it--trust me, boys can ruin white shirts in two seconds flat--but this one always becomes bright white after washing.  Magical I say.

I remember buying it for Jethro 11 years ago when he was one.  Here he is, the cute little dude.  It's the only picture I currently have of him wearing it (and maybe the only one at all, I took a lot fewer pictures back then).

About the time we moved to Switzerland, Talmage was wearing the shirt.  (Thus, it wasn't packed away but came with us, and thus, all the boys have worn it.)  Here are a few pictures of him in it.

And, some of my favorite pictures of these two boys ever, when Orrin was wearing it:


And finally, my baby boy wearing it:

(also wearing a mustache, which he was NOT impressed with)

And there you have all my cute boys wearing the cute shirt of magicalness.

Second comparison- passport pictures.  Last Friday we took the older four kids to the embassy (well, actually we took all of them, but only the four older ones had appointments) to get new passports because IT HAS BEEN FIVE YEARS SINCE WE GOT THEIRS.  Isn't that crazy?  It feels like so short a time since we were getting all our stuff together to move here.

Befores and Afters


Who has changed the most?  All of them, gosh!  I have to say that Ethne's little pokey-outy buns hairstyle was so cute!  :)

And no comparison, but just thought I'd throw out these two Swiss-born kids passport pictures too-

Okay, now my vote is that Wyatt has changed the most.

The end.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Talmage is SIX!

Talmage had a pretty great birthday (and there's more to come, since he will have his first friend part on Friday).

He had been asking me for a while to make jello, so for his birthday I made green jello, and then Jethro made some goal posts out of straws and he drew a soccer field on it with white icing.  Then the little kids put gummi bears on.  Talmage was impressed, but it got very messy fast.  I love Wyatt's sad face photobombing this picture. :)

 And with his spy cake.

Orrin excited to be in the picture.  Talmage not.



We love Talmage! Wyatt loves him so much he was kissing him--awwww!

Wyatt looks at Orrin

and copies him.  How nice.  :)

Presents!  First one- spy glasses, by which you can see behind you!

Next some spy gadgets and a belt to put them on.  There was a motion sensor, a laser thingee, a sound amplifier and other things.

As he was getting out his gear and figuring it all out, I heard him say, "This is the best day ever!"

This is one legit spy.

And some books.

And, because Daddy was a sucker when we were at the store for something else, an RC car!!!  It is already broken, but man oh man was Talmage ever excited.  He exclaimed, "I've been longing for something like this!!!"

See the excitement?  Also, Jethro's car-driving face in the background.  :)

 I think he had a pretty good birthday.

I sure loooooove my Talmage!!

Back to School

I'm going out of order here, but I wanted to post these cute back-to-school pictures of the kids (staged, because the first day of school was yesterday, but it was raining hard and dark yesterday).

But first, my oldest and youngest.  Awww, sooo cute!


Okay, first just the younger three because this was at lunchtime, and Jethro didn't come home for lunch on this particular day.  Today.  Anyway, here's the 5th grader, 2nd grader, and second year Kindergartener.

Hurrah for the Kindergartener!


So then Jethro came home in the afternoon so we took pictures of all the school-kids.


I can't believe how old this kid is.  He goes to the junior high school now which is crazy.   He has early day every day but still has Wed and Fri afternoons free.  Both he and Hazel have German, French, and English classes. 

Hazel has four early days but only two afternoons.

Here she is with her English books.

Geemanee my kids are looking so grown-up!!

And lastly, Wyatt reading a book with a bear.

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